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Carving a Bookmark

I recently carved a couple of bookmarks. I'd like to share some aspects of the process. These particular carvings were started away from my regular workbench. I used my small set of Flexcut tools in an old laptop bag. The carving surface is a clipboard with some grip pad on it. The bag does a fairly good job of holding the chips in. Back at the regular workbench the carving is completed and the lettering is burned in. The carving will be finished with a water based Minwax stain. First a pre-stain is applied. After the pre-stain has dried for about 15 minutes, an "English Oak" colored stain is applied. The stain is allowed to dry over night and then the piece is finished with a coat of Minwax Polycrylic. This will give it a nice hard finish with a nice sheen. I often like to finish with a coat of wax, but since this is intended to go between the pages of a book, I thought it best to forgo the wax. And there you have it. The lighting in the photographs could be better,

Anthony Visco

I just finished looking at the artwork and reading the essays on Anthony Visco's website at . His work is quite impressive and I think his essays could be the starting point for some interesting discussions.