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Stylized Dove Brooch

Here are some photos I took of the process of making a stylized dove brooch. First, I make a few sketches. You can see the last two in the photo below. Then I get a piece of basswood about the right size. The piece is thicker than required, so I quickly thin it down with a gouge. After thinning it down, I sketch the pattern directly on the wood and cut around the outline with a coping saw. With the rough outline cut, I put it on some non-slip netting to help hold it in place while carving. I use gouges to shape the carving. Now the rough gouge work is complete. You can now see the form of the head and body. The wings have a slightly concave shape with a raised edge. Since I want a smooth finish, I am working though progressively finer grits of  Abranet sand paper . I end with 600 grit. With the sanding completed, it is ready for finishing. I add my initials to the back with a wood burner. A pin will be added on the back, just above the initials, to

Sconces by Ricky Smith

Ricky Smith carved the walnut wall plates for a pair of sconces. Here is a picture of one along with close ups of  the top and bottom.