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Ian Norbury's Website Redesign and Blog

I recently became aware that Ian Norbury's website underwent a redesign. This was an opportunity to see some of his more recent carving. If you are not familiar with the talent of Ian Norbury, you should have a look at his site. While looking at Ian's site, I found out that he has a blog at . On his blog, he provides some great insights into the process of creating his unique carving. Check out post such as this post or this one .

Carved Alter at St. Martin's Luthern Church in Austin

Doug Oliver sent along this link to a site with some beautiful carvings from St. Martin's in Austin that he came across while doing research. stmartinsaustin/docs/final_ art_book?mode=embed&layout= 2Fv%2Fdark%2Flayout.xml& showFlipBtn=true Have a look and let me know what you think.