Why Do You Carve, Part 2: Fellowship

A little while ago I posted "Why Do You Carve? Part 1 - Relaxation".  (you remember this, right?)
I think it's time for another reason: Fellowship.  Woodcarvers carve as a way to enjoy the company of other people.  If people have a mental image of woodcarving it is often the old man sitting whittling on his front porch. But that's not really what most carvers are doing.  Initially, we may carve with other people because we need someone else to teach us what to do, which tools to use and how to use them. But carvers continue to carve together because they enjoy each other's company.  In addition to structured classes, many carving clubs get together and work on whatever they please. In either of these cases, you can get feedback, or see a technique you'd like to try.  But often you just enjoy the company.  By far the majority of carvers I have met are friendly and positive in their feedback. They are people you look forward to being around.

When we carve together, we can do something we enjoy, and enjoy each other's company.   Do you carve with other people on a regular basis?  Or do you have a similar social and creative outlet, like a knitting circle or musical group?