Poseidon Cutout

This is the first post for a new carving featuring a relief of Poseidon. Here is the design sketch.

To get started, we need some glued-up slabs of two-inch basswood. 

The carving will be deeper than two inches. I will cut out the raised central area and banner to glue to the desired depth. So, I need to layout the shapes that will be needed for the layers. Here is a tiled enlargement to help get the approximate placement on the slabs.

To help get accurate arches, I'm using a string tied to a screw at the center. The length of the string is adjusted to the radius of each concentric arch.

Here is one of the basswood slabs with the pattern drawn on.

Time to go to the Dallas Makerspace to cut the pieces on the band saw.

The pieces are rough cut and laid out to get an idea of how it will go together.

Next up, gluing the central raised area to the background. Stay tuned.