Red Chair Lecture at Russell Farm


Russell Farm Art Center in Burleson, Texas invited me to present as part of their Red Chair Lecture Series. The team at Russell Farm was very thoughtful with the setup, decorations, and refreshments. I especially liked how the stage was set up.

We were blessed with an interested and engaged audience in the old hay barn which is now lit up with festive lighting.

The presentation covered a variety of wood carving topics including history, tools, techniques, and the value of art created in wood.

The audience asked a number of great questions during the presentation and we continued the conversation over refreshments.

After everyone had a chance to get something to eat and drink, we moved to the Charlie Boren art studio. Charlie's carving studio has been preserved and is still used for some events. We spent some time there discussing tools and teaching wood carving.

In the same building as the carving studio, there is an exhibit of Charlie Boren's wood carving. Charlie was known for carving cowboy boots from local woods. There are several of these on display as part of this exhibit.

Following are a few more of the many Charlie Boren sculptures on display at Russell Farm.

For more history of Russell Farm, check out

The top four photos above are used with the kind permission of Tom Sales/Russell Farm.