Poseidon - Finishing


Finishing the wood carving. First, I apply three coats of Enduro-Var. Enduro-Var is a water based urethane made by General Finishes. This seals the wood and provides a slight amber color.

Next, I use Shaker maple tinted General Finishes water based stain to add color and depth. This is a meticulous process of brushing on and wiping off the stain to get the desired color and shading effect.

The edge is stained slightly darker. The banner will overlap the edge and it will look better this way, if  seen from the side.

The banner was sealed with a water based sanding sealer. Then, I applied as many coats of acrylic paint as it took to get an even black while still being able to tell that it is wood underneath.

It took many coats of gold in the lettering followed by some touch-up of the black around the edges of the letters. Once the point was done, I applied three coats of General Finishes water based, clear, polyurethane top coat with a satin finish.

After carefully measuring the position, I drilled pilot holes to connect the banner to the Poseidon carving.

Finally, we get to see it all put together.