Here are a few tips that I thought I would pass along. There are more to come. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

  • Keep something handy to jot down ideas or make quick sketches.
  • Make multiple rough sketches of any idea to test different variations.
  • Don't let yourself carve when you are tired. Life for many of us can get very hectic and busy. It is very tempting to try to get in that last cut before turning in, but all too often; this is when the accidents occur.
  • Remember to keep in mind where a tool will go if it slips. Will you (or anyone else) be in it's way?
  • A sharp tool should cut all the wood fibers. A dull tool will crush the wood fibers causing a rough or dull looking cut.
  • Check out Everett Ellenwood's excellent video "Sharpening Simplified." You can find out all about it at: