Carving Class Photos

This week fellow woodcarver Floyd Brigdon came to visit our class. Here are some of the pictures he took of the usual crowd. Here is Doug Oliver with a piece he is working on. You can see more of his work at .

Small Wood Burning

Here is a small wood burning I recently did on the plain cross of a rosary. It is a simple pattern, but I think it has a nice effect.

Student's Carved Scroll Sign

Here is a carving that a student of mine is working on. It will be a sign for Jenny Ellerbe .

Tool Cabinet and Adjustable Light

This is the tool cabinet that I built to go above my workbench. An adjustable lamp is mounted just above it.

Leather Stamping Tools

A carver with leather working experience asked me if the background texturing tools used for leather can be used for wood. The answer is yes, but with a caveat. I have used leather stamps on several carvings. It's hard to see in this picture, but the backgrounds in this carving are stamped with a leather working tool. I use a teardrop shaped, cross-hatch stamp the most. Some stamps will not work very well - especially those with much detail. The stamps work by crushing and tearing the wood fibers. The torn wood fibers will remain torn, but the crushed ones will (to some degree) return to their original form. Therefore, stamps are best used for creating texture, but not for detail. Creating texture will also add color since it will reflect light and take finish differently.

Carving Tools

People often ask me which carving tools I recommend. Generally speaking, for a traditional style of carving, I recommend full sized (sometimes called "professional sized") carving tools. These are usually close to 10 inches in length and are meant to be held with two hands or driven with a mallet. The brands that I have used and found to be of good quality are Pfeil "Swiss Made", Ashley Iles, Stubai and Dastra. Flexcut also make a good line of tools. They have full sized tools that are usually a little less expensive than the other brands listed above. Due to their design, I'm not sure you will get quite as long a useful tool life out of the Flexcut as the others. Before you think I have anything against Flexcut, consider that I measure tool life in decades. You can get a lot of good use out of Flexcut tools. Flexcut also makes some carving tool sets that have interchangeable handles. Changing handles can be a pain for extended carving sessions at your workbench


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