All Saints Christus Rex - The Cross


 Here are some photos taken during the carving and assembly of the cross for the Christus Rex. The cross is made from poplar and will be stained dark before all is done to give a better contrast with the figure on the cross.


The vertical and cross bars are cut out and the ends cut to shape with a coping saw as shown in the last post. In this photo, I'm finishing she edges and surfaces with a hand scraper.


Lowering the background for the lamb carving on the left end of the cross bar.


 Here is the nearly finished lamb carving.


 Carving the chalice and host for the right side of the cross bar.


 Now the dove is nearly done on the top of the vertical bar.


Carving the blessing had on the bottom of the cross.


 With the carvings on the ends of the cross done, it is time to join the vertical and cross bars. I'm using a Japanese pull saw to make the cross cuts for the joinery.


The joint is cut and ready for assembly.


 Dry fitting the cross to make sure the joint is just right before gluing.


Gluing the pieces together with wood blocks between the cross and the clamps to protect the cross.


With the glue dry, we can preview how the figure and cross will look together.


 More posts regarding this carving can be found on this site with the "All Saints Christus Rex" label.