All Saints Christus Rex - Finishing the Cross


Here are some photos showing the finish process on the cross and the assembly of the cross with the processional staff.


 First, a water based pre-stain was applied to the cross. Then, multiple coats of dark walnut stain were applied to get the right depth of color. After the stain, three coats of polycrylic are applied over the stain to protect the finish.

The four carvings on the ends of the cross are painted white and gold. The frames of these carvings are also painted with gold.

 After the base painting is done, three more coats of polycrylic are applied and then the same stain used on the cross is used to create shadows and greater definition to the carvings on the ends of the cross.


We designed a custom turned and cut staff head to connect the cross to a brass pole. Here is the staff head before any finish is applied. 


The staff head was finished with the same dark walnut stain used for the cross and then three coats of polycrylic were applied to the staff head.


 The staff head is friction fitted to the brass pole. The staff head is then screwed to the back of the cross to provide a stable connection. The screw heads are painted with black acrylic paint to make them more subtle, but still allow access in case the cross needs to be removed from the staff.

 Here we see the cross and staff assembled. While all this was done, I was also working on paining and finishing the Chritus Rex figure to go on the cross. In the next post, we will see some of that process.

 More posts regarding this carving can be found on this site with the "All Saints Christus Rex" label.